• 67%

    It is estimated that

    of female survivors of post menopausal breast cancer complained of vaginal dryness1

How will Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream help me?

  • Soothing cream formulation
  • Targeted treatment for vulvovaginitis
  • Helps to protect the healthy lining of the vagina (vaginal mucosa)
  • Helps to relieve symptoms
  • Supports the healing of the vaginal mucosa during and after cancer treatment

Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream

Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream supports the healing process of the vaginal mucosa following cancer treatment. It treats vulvovaginitis and offers relief from symptoms by creating a protective layer over the vaginal mucosa. The treatment comes with convenient single-use applicators for ease of use.


30g tube


Easy to use applicator

How many

Contains six 5g single-use, easy-to-use applicators

How to use

Apply the vaginal cream, using the convenient applicator for targeted use. The specially designed applicator can be used to ensure the entire affected area can be reached

How often to use

Once or several times a day depending on the extent of your symptoms, in accordance with medical advice.



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How to use Mucosamin®

See below for a step-by-step guide of how to use Mucosamin®.

  • Step One

    Before applying the product, thoroughly clean the affected area. Remove the screw cap and screw on the applicator

  • Step Two

    Pull back the plunger to draw cream from the tube until the applicator is full (approximately 5g dose)

  • Step Three

    Gently insert the applicator into the vaginal canal and push the plunger to dispense the cream, spreading the entire contents uniformly within the vaginal canal. The applicator is for single use only

Where is Mucosamin® available from?

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for a head or neck cancer, your GP or hospital doctor may prescribe Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream for you.
Alternatively, you can buy directly from pharmacies or purchase online.


On Prescription


In Pharmacies



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I have a question about Mucosamin®, who can I ask?

Visit our support page for all of the answers to our frequently asked questions.


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