It is estimated that:


of people suffer from chronic radiation
proctitis after treatment1

How will Mucosamin® Rectal Gel help me?

  • Soothing gel formulation
  • Targeted treatment for actinic proctitis and proctitis
  • Helps to protect the healthy tissue lining of your rectum (rectal mucosa)
  • Helps to relieve symptoms
  • Supports the healing of the lining of your rectum (rectal mucosa) during cancer treatment


Mucosamin® Rectal Gel

Mucosamin® Rectal Gel supports the healing process of the rectal mucosa following cancer treatment. It treats proctitis and offers relief from symptoms by creating a protective layer over the rectal mucosa. The treatment comes in convenient micro enemas for ease of use.


6 x micro enemas, with 7g of gel

How much to use

In unit dose, Mucosamin® Rectal Gel can be easily applied in appropriate dosage for treatment

How often to use

Can be used once or several times a day, depending on the extent of symptoms, and in accordance with medical advice



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How to use Mucosamin®

See below for a step-by-step guide of how to use Mucosamin®.

  • Step One

    Before applying the product, clean the affected area thoroughly

  • Step Two

    Remove the cap, insert the spout applicator, and press the sides to dispense the gel. If necessary, before inserting the applicator, squeeze a small amount of gel from the tip and lubricate the applicator in order to facilitate its insertion by reducing the possible tenderness of the area

  • Step Three

    Insert the spout of the applicator and pressing the sides firmly, applying the entire contents of the gel evenly. The vial is single-use only

Where is Mucosamin® available from?

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for a head or neck cancer, your GP or hospital doctor may prescribe Mucosamin® Rectal Gel for you.
Alternatively, you can buy directly from pharmacies or purchase online.


On Prescription


In Pharmacies



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I have a question about Mucosamin®, who can I ask?

Visit our support page for all of the answers to our frequently asked questions.


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