Muscosamin® helps to relieve the pain caused by mucositis, treat the symptoms, aid wound healing, and protect the healthy tissue. There are four products in the range: Mucosamin® Mouthwash, Mucosamin® Oral Spray, Mucosamin® Rectal Gel, and Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream.

For oral mucositis, Mucosamin® Mouthwash and Mucosamin® Oral Spray can be used together to help you with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Mucosamin® Mouthwash is recommended for use as part of your daily dental routine; and Mucosamin® Oral Spray can be carried with you for fast, targeted, relief as you need it throughout the day.

To relieve and treat vulvovaginitis, there is Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream and for the relief and treatment of proctitis, there is Mucosamin® Rectal Gel. Both these formulations form a soothing, protective layer over the lining of the vagina or rectum (mucosa).

Mucosamin® range helps to treat and relieve the symptoms of mucositis caused by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy; whilst helping to protect the healthy oral, vaginal, and rectal linings (mucosa). The oral products also help to treat an accelerate the healing of ulcers and provide relief of dry mouth.


Visit the Mucosamin® Support page for any additional information you need about the range.