For UK Healthcare Professionals Only

  • 67%

    It is estimated that;

    female survivors of post menopausal breast cancer complained of vaginal dryness1

  • Protects the healthy vaginal mucosa
  • Aids symptom relief and treatment of vulvovaginitis (vaginal mucositis)
  • Aids the healing process

Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream

A soothing cream to help treat vulvovaginitis (vaginal mucositis) and provide relief from symptoms when needed

Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream supports the healing of the vaginal mucosa following cancer treatment. It aids the treatment of painful symptoms of neurological injury caused by vulvovaginitis due to radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy of pelvic tumours. Mucosamin® is a medical device made up of sodium hyaluronate and four synthetic amino acids (glycine, L-proline, L-leucine and L-lysine).


30g tube


Easy to use applicator

How many

Contains 6 single use applicators

How to use

Apply the vaginal cream, using the convenient applicator for targeted use. The specially designed applicator can be used to ensure the entire affected area can be reached

How often to use

Once or several times a day depending on the extent of symptoms

Legal category

CE Class IIb Medical Device

NHS List Price2





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