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There are four Mucosamin® products in the range, which contain sodium hyaluronate and amino acids.

For oral mucositis, Mucosamin® Mouthwash soothes and protects the oral mucosa, and Mucosamin® Oral Spray provides fast, targeted relief where, and when it is needed. Both of these products help to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth as a result of oral mucositis, whilst providing pain relief and accelerated3 wound healing of oral lesions.

To relieve and treat vulvovaginitis, there is Mucosamin® Vaginal Cream and for the relief and treatment of proctitis, there is Mucosamin® Rectal Gel. Both these formulations form a soothing, protective layer over the ulcerated mucosa.

Mucosamin® is a medical device made up of sodium hyaluronate and four synthetic amino acids (glycine, L-proline, L-leucine and L-lysine), to protect, relieve and heal the mucosa it is targeting.
Discover more about mucositis, Mucosamin® and its mode of action, but also, how it works before, during and after treatment to help your patients get back to life.


Visit the Mucosamin® Resource Centre for any additional information you need about the range, such as: supporting evidence, product range data, and downloadable patient leave pieces.


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